Kirby we adopted you 14 y.o. and now with John in college it was just you, me, and JaJa.
I cannot begin to tell you how much love you gave us all and how my heart aches for you now.
You were my best friend, my love, and gave so many hugs and kisses that I cannot even begin to count. I am trying not to brag but you were just a big love-bug! Think you lived more on love than even food. I know everyone feels that special bond (at least I hope so) with their dog but no one will ever understand how much I loved you and needed you even more than you needed me. Just before you went to Heaven (know you are having a great time) you turned your head (not easy at the time) and gave me a big Kirby kiss to let me know it was going to be ok. You were so handsome and unique. You were my handsome boy. I love you Kirby and know you are with me and thank you for that last Kirby kiss! Needed that to know you are watching over us and thank you because you know I needed that to fill the void that fills my heart. I promise you that I am going to try and be as loving, pt., and as beautiful a person as you were a dog. Could use a big!!!!! Kirby kiss right now, but know you are sending one from Heaven. Love you punkie! Will see you in Heaven again someday. xoxo Mom creates meaningful memorials by enabling animal lovers to share their loss in a way that helps other animals. You can help by donating to an animal-related charity in this pet's memory and by sharing this Opetuary.