Andy Anderson

This is our Boy ANDY..I found him one day sitting next to a garbage pile, while looking for Hay for my horses, just a puppy then, he ran to me, I took him to my husband and give him to him as a Christmas Gift. He had the best life any dog could want, beside living on a 17 acre horse ranch, he got to go the the beach at least 4 times a year ..running and playing with his girl FREEWAY. He love BOATING! He would drag us down to our dock to jump on my boat, and look at us like “well, let’s Go!! We will miss him so much! Cancer took him but knowing we gave him the best life makes it feel a little better! R.I.P. Sweetheart! creates meaningful memorials by enabling animal lovers to share their loss in a way that helps other animals. You can help by donating to an animal-related charity in this pet's memory and by sharing this Opetuary.