My beautiful girl, Doc, was born in my apartment in 2001. Her mom was a stray outside cat that I fed when I first moved in. Doc, Blackie, Tiger, and their sister were born a month after befriending the mommy. Their sister went to a good home and the three stayed with me. She was a gorgeous long hair calico. She looked like someone ran after her with an orange paint brush and got dabs of orange on her here and there. When I’d pet her on her cheeks, she would cock her head and lick my wrist to kiss me. She would sit on top of the couch and tap me on the head with her paw when she wanted attention. Her maternal instinct would kick in and she would always groom her brothers. She was incredibly loving but hated to be grabbed. She is the only cat who has ever bit me on purpose. Even though I would get frustrated with her, I still loved her with all of my heart. She died on 6-29-12 after suffering from a collapsed trachea. She will always live in my heart. Her brothers and I miss her greatly and we are all grieving. She will always be my girl. My wonderful, beautiful Doc Doc. Thank you for your love. creates meaningful memorials by enabling animal lovers to share their loss in a way that helps other animals. You can help by donating to an animal-related charity in this pet's memory and by sharing this Opetuary.